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F S Productions was founded on June 29, Nineteen hundred and Ninety-two by Francesco Sylvester AKA/Genre Decree singer songwriter, and producer. Francesco’s dream of owning his own recording studio began as a child when he would wake each morning singing and performing in front of the mirror. His parents were of little means and therefore unable to supply Francesco with any financial resources to help support his musical endeavors. All throughout his school age years, he was involved in music through academic music classes, school concerts, and local bands. Upon graduating he sang with several bands and traveled to various parts of the world. Francesco began to tire of the petty contentions that musicians are often faced with in dealing with conflicting personalities of band members and decided to take matters into his own hands.

The opportunity that today’s technology offers the music industry is the ability to create music independently. Francesco has concluded that it is well worth the sacrifices he has made to purchase the most sophisticated equipment necessary for the studio. He has learned much about the industry through traveling and college and has met many professionals who have taught him about the business. Francesco has used this knowledge to start the recording studio that we now know as F S Productions and F S P Records.